27 May 2016

The Invisible Player – October 2016

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Available on major streaming services on October 3rd, 2016

I began writing The Invisible Player way before Yours was released. Some bits were written in my early years of writing and it is incredible to hear what they’ve become many years after. The lyrics, however, are telling the story of my life between 2012 and 2016. A very intense period of time and rollercoasting range of feelings.

This album is, without any doubt, the work I’m the most proud of in my life.


Sad Stories EP – February 2016

Sad Stories is a side release. The songs were initially supposed to be released with The Invisible Player. But their electronic orientation made me realise that they didn’t really fit the “real album”. In the end, it feels super right that they feature their own 5-track EP. Timing was also of great importance, as I was planning to go on a several month-long journey in Asia. Getting 5 songs ready within my take off was easier than getting 10. I made this EP available the day I took off to Nepal.





Yours – January 2013

I started working on my own music after my first band Jill Valentine ceased to exist in late 2008. It took my approximately 3 years to complete those 10 tracks. Writing music, but also recording and mixing was fairly new to me. Therefore, the Yours album is more of an experimentation. It helped me identify the requirements of such a project and define my own workflows. When I listen to the final outcome today, I feel that the quality of the tracks don’t match my requirements today. In other words, I feel my singing and mixing were bad 🙂