Sad Stories EP Lyrics

14 September 2016


White nights out

Last train is taking me away from home
Insane, I don’t care about the destination
The misconception of my own obsession
For deceiptive answers
I don’t know what the hell I’m doing now
What the hell I am doing here

White nights out are taking me away from you
White nights out are taking me nowhere


A sad story

You and me
It never really was about you and me
It was always about what we would see
What we think we see, we wish didn’t see

How could we believe we’d get some happy ending?
We were never really able to write anything else than sad stories

Too many feathers are caressing the window
And I realise I’ll never hear your name + my name again in the same sang
Confusing reflector
You’re everywhere and nowhere

Infinite are realities
Inches in tiny spaces quickly turn into miles
And the miles grow into universes
I’m leaving because of this mess
But didn’t I cause this mess?
And then again, you and me were real
And then again, you are an adventure

And I don’t, I can’t understand myself
Killing feelings I raised, missing feelings I slayed
And every thought of you
Every track of you
Feels me with infinite darkness
Feels me with the pain of our lost and sad story


About her eyes

I’d write a song about your hair
I’d write a song about your eyes
In which I’d dive, deep within, until I drown
I only see you and the sea
I only hear your crystal voice
I only think of your life outside the city

How is he called, the man that makes you happy?

She turned a candle into a lighthouse

We met at dawn when the drugs were useless props
When our feelings were high on the glory of the night
When we no longer needed insecure candlelight
And your challenging eyes
How could I not follow you on a journey
A fleeting journey with you and me and the universe


Before we fell

Today was no day
No day to me
No day to you
Our fathers are crying
And our children are crying too

There used to be wise men long ago
There used to be wise men before we fell

It’s such a shame the unfair came from a few
We knew we were dead when balance came only from a few
A few drops against the fire