Yours lyrics

15 September 2016

This song

Late night, turn off the lights
Last cigarette and I’m ready to fight
I’m done with the thinking
I’m tired of judging myself all the
Time flies when you’re having fun
Enjoy the ride, don’t miss your flight
I’m staying on the ground

Does it really matter?
We both know you don’t care
I really don’t care neither
I didn’t mean to bother
You’re just a random girl hanging around
Free of opinion, free of any passion
The path you are taking leads straight to oblivion

What do you think I expect?
Why do you think I expect anything from you?

You come around, smiling, chasing attention
You want to be seen but you pay no attention
To others, to be, why don’t you like me?
I try to be nice

Fuck it
What’s with this nonsense, this new evolution?
The brain took over the heart on its mission
The more you’re desired, the less you’re attracted
The more you’re sincere, the less you’re attractive
You feel offended if I just wanna get laid
There’s nothing beyond this you try to display
Nothing from you that I should want instead
Nothing from you that I can get instead

Writing this song is better than loving you



Waiting for Sarah

Girl, you may not be the one who talks
But you surely are the one who feels
More than anyone else, stronger than anyone else

You are watching over me
And you are caring about me

Hey, Sarah,
I will be waiting for you, Sarah
Cause you will be there for me, Sarah
I will be waiting for you, Sarah,
Cause you will always be there

Lyrical, lyrical, I know
I’m not used to do so
The thing is that I want the whole world
To be just like you

Girl, there’s no one left like you
I’ll be waiting for you
We’ll go the way we know
In the world we wanna see



Hat trick

Pretty good start, got laid before half-time
But I take my time, tasting every piece of it
I’m top of the league, but it doesn’t feel right
Something’s missing, I tell you something’s missing

Later, you will realise
Take a look closer, you got the wrong fight

I wonder how it feels to be you right now
How many times did you…?
You do know what I mean 😉
We break up, we set the rules
You’re fucked up, we’re bound to lose
You score, you win, the game begins




We walked in the silence of the sleeping Rome
In the remains of an ancient world
Our way across the night

That place, where you’re both asleep and awake
Dawn is the moment I will wait
For you my friend

You’re the shy sun that wakes me up

Too late, there’s no way to get back in time
There is no turning back that street
Where we met and left




I’m not a good dancer you should know
It’s no excuse to let you go, oh no
In summer we bloom and disobey
But September is taking you away

It takes you away

Is really distance the enemy?
Nor is the time if you think of me
Thicker clothes and colder hearts
Will eventually tear us apart
And take you away

We fade away
Then we slowly fade away

Falling asleep on Sheep Meadow
As I was falling asleep before you go
That’s the way our journey’s meant to be
Part of the story belongs to the city
To the past, to your will and to my memory
But the lights are coming home with me

I’ve come a long away, I gotta get away



Climate change

The butterflies have gone crazy
They tear me apart from the inside out
Iron wings inside my stomach
The seed that you put in my mouth
Time has changed and so do you
You do, you grew, and I’m screwed
Lady, now I have to thank you
You’re the proof and now I know that

Climate’s changed, I’m cold in the sun
Climate’s changed, you’re no longer the same

The butterflies are now dead
As I poisoned my body
As I did it to my planet
I love to die nice and slowly
Shall I leave now?
What’s the point now to go on my own

You try to turn me into your new best friend
You just wanna fuck everyone else
I can’t stand your lying, I can’t stand your smiling
Stop pretending, cause you don’t really care
I hate myself for once loving you
I just hate myself and I hate you too



The pain of not being special

I’m OK when it’s hard
I disappoint when it’s easy
No matter how hard I try
I just can’t get it right
Don’t get me wrong
I’m not a fool
I just don’t know if I meant to be a number one

The pain of not being special
Do I have any potential
To make it to the top
To rise up above the clouds



We have to go back

Something’s not right
Something is going wrong
Every time I open my eyes
What I see, it makes me sick
And then I close my eyes
We all do

Are we supposed to live together?
I guess we do
But who’s supposed to rule?
Probably not him or her
Not even him

They’re not supposed to rule
They do their jobs, they have a career
And ruling, it’s not a job
It involves leaving your own interests behind for the sake of others
Who can do that?
I can’t. Nobody can.
We all have a job, well, you know what I mean

His job is to count and her job is to bake
And his job, his job is to get power and to keep it

We all are the same and we all want to be different
And we believe we are, but we’re not
It’s OK, it doesn’t mean we’re not happy
Many of us are happy
I just think we’re wrong
Public opinion is wrong
We’re not supposed to be special
There is no special in the rules

Sometimes, I think the only way we found to be special is to prove other people wrong
As a matter of fact, that’s what I’m trying to do now
Actually, I’m just trying to talk
That’s the only way I found




Did I fall asleep or is it real life?
For a little while, I had a little doubt
Can you tell me what went wrong with us?
Can’t you tell me what happened to us?

I’m tired now, I need to rest
I choose to leave now
But I remain sincerely yours

I scored my third in a row
I’m on my own to run my show

Twice is better with love and friends
I wanted you both and ruined it all
I duplicated my commitment
And I experienced twice more pain
I belong to the past
A memory of a previous life
I will slowly fade away
As I’m no longer on your way

I scored my third in a row
I’m on my own to run my show
Still I keep loosing on and on
Well, I keep making the things wrong